True grim necro – WL4, Gdańsk 29.09.-13.10.2018


   One of my earliest memories is related to the funeral of my grandfather. A coffin placed in the middle of a room in an old country house. Grieving adults lean against the walls. The floor is covered with raw planks and dust. A grand chandelier over the grandfather, around which there are flies flying and sticking into the hanging flypaper one by one. Below, a few years’ version of me runs carelessly around him. This version is unaware of the gravity of the situation. Just like those flies that have not yet started their agonizing buzzing.

   Together with my friends, with whom I have recently created the musical group “Necrocosmos”, I organized an exhibition accompanying our concert. One of my creations was a pile of unsuccessful works, which I stripped of the looms and arranged in the middle of the room. During the vernissage, the gathered audience stole a part of them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Paweł Baśnik


fot. Daniel Sobański