Untitled, Neon Gallery, Wrocław 13.09.2019

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Turritopsis Nutricula – a jellyfish living on the ocean floor which, having the ability to return to its youthful form, is probably the only organism on earth capable of reversing the aging process. Research into its genetic code is now becoming one of the hopes of modern science of overcoming death.

There is a story, one of the oldest ever written, about the immortality hidden in the sea depths. It tells the story of King Gilgamesh, who, hearing about a mysterious plant at the bottom of the ocean, set out on a search and returned to the shore with it. The herb was called “The old man young again” and gave the immortal ability to be reborn to anyone who eats it. Gilgamesh, however, was outrun by a sneaky snake, devouring the entire precious trophy. According to the Sumerian story, that’s why snakes throw away their skin.